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4 Benefits to Replacing Your Old Aluminum Wiring with Copper

When it comes to Aluminum wiring it has an interesting and slightly controversial history.  Most of the homeowners asked about their old Aluminum wiring that if it should be replaced or not. While the answer is No Doubt, Yes!! Aluminum wiring requires full care and maintenance to work efficiently and accurately.

Copper wiring will serve your Home better than the aluminum wiring for a variety of reasons. if you didn’t have any electrical problem in your home you need to upgrade your system because it might be possible that the problem associated with the aluminum can occur at any time so you should be careful about that and need to take precautionary measure in order to save yourself from the unexpected defects or disaster. Residential Electrical Services so you don’t need to ask the question of whether you need to upgrade your system but how urgently you need to so.

Aluminum wiring has a more conductivity of 38.2% less than copper wiring. If you will increase the size of aluminum power it will increase the level of current to go through wires. So if you want to get the more level of current you have to use bigger aluminum wire than copper. When we talk about the durability, aluminum wire is less dense, flexible and durable than copper wire. If you hire an unprofessional technician and he doesn’t twist or bend the aluminum wiring the aluminum conductor inside the insulation will be a break and the twisting of a conductor will split the conductor lead to arching and the possible electric wires over the time.

Overheating of aluminum wire will affect the conductor and the melting of aluminum will be started at a very lower point as compare to the copper and the aluminum is more affected by the corrosion and the weather changes than the copper. if you want to hire a professional electrician to fix your aluminum wiring Don’t hesitate to contact or visit Residential Electrical Services.